Morning announcements: Mic drop

Reece Braswell and Olivia Marquez reading off the morning's announcements. Photo taken by Nick Ensing.


  • Seniors Olivia Marquez and Reece Braswell are nonstop busy bees.
  • Marquez is the future Mariah Carey- hopefully you catch her caroling this holiday season.
  • This spring you can find Marquez in the diamond, hitting home runs on the softball team.
  • Everywhere you look Marquez is there. She’s in S.A.D.D, the National Honor Society, and D.Y.P.
  • Feeling down? Braswell can refer you to some excellent motivational videos.
  • After graduation, Braswell is planning on getting as far away from Grand Rapids as possible- no offense, Northview.
  • Braswell probably spends too much of his time shopping for clothes instead of doing homework. Don’t worry though; it’s only his teachers and wallet that are complaining.
Hailee Cederquist
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Hailee Cederquist is a senior at Northview High School. She is passionate about writing and music. She can be loud, but has a creative mind and a stubborn personality. In her spare time she finds herself watching monster movies and hanging out with her friends. Hailee plans to attend GVSU to study animal biology, and one day she wants write a novel.