Art Club Goes Beyond Basic Mediums

“The purpose for Art Club is to create an environment in which people feel comfortable to be themselves and express themselves through art in a way that they can’t throughout the school day,” president of the Art Club, sophomore Madi Christie said.

Every week, students get the opportunity to express their creativity in a different environment. They not only create and learn about art, they express themselves through a common theme that they decide on at the beginning of the year.

This year, the members decided on the theme of ‘beyond’. The work that each of them do throughout the year is based off of the topic and their personal interpretation of it. But, much like art itself, the club allows the students to take what they want out of everything they do.

Students listen thoughtfully to artistic expressions. The art club is a safe place where all students can experiment with their art.

“The purpose of Art Club is to provide a safe, accepting environment for serious art minded students,” advisor of the Art Club and art teacher Tanya Lockwood said. “What I hope the members get out of the club are friendships and a better understanding of their interest in the visual arts.​”

Lockwood and Christie work together to make the club an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. As expected, they also work on creating agendas and communicating with other members who hold leadership positions to ensure that each meeting runs smoothly.

Art Club isn’t only about offering a creative outlet and a learning atmosphere, it’s for the members to engage and interact with each other.

“My favorite part of Art Club is the sense of belonging when you walk into the meetings,” Christie said. “Everyone gets to know one another and create friendships based on that.”

Offering a club on top of the options to take art classes allows for the diverse group of students to come together and work with something they are passionate about because for some students, six or seven classes in a day just isn’t enough time.

“[It has] allowed students who were not able to fit a visual arts class into their schedule an opportunity to still nurture their creative side,” Lockwood said.

Any student who is serious about art or interested in learning new aspects of art is invited to join the club.

“To people wanting to join Art Club, I say join if you can!” Christie said. “Everyone is welcome and I know the people in Art Club would be overjoyed to have more members!”

Kaytlyn Gannon
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