Homecoming – behind the scenes

The 16 members of homecoming court were selected by the senior’s votes. Student council adviser, Julie Haveman, pays someone unrelated to Northview to count the votes.

King and Queen are then voted on during the week of homecoming and announced at halftime of the football game the day before the dance.

The homecoming assembly will take place at the end of the school day on Friday, October 13.  It will feature a fight between David Tay and Gavin Webb in sumo suits, egg tosses between students and teachers and a dance featuring the court.

“We don’t want to keep doing the same games over and over,” Haveman said. “We don’t want a freshman to see the same things they would as a senior, so we try to be creative to come up with those things and keep it appropriate for school.”

Each year, the court performs a choreographed dance during the homecoming assembly. This year, because they wanted to be the best, the court decided to extend rehearsals to hour long practices Monday through Thursday and two hour practices on Sunday.

“I was actually kind of surprised by the schedule that we made but it’s definitely going to be worth it in the end,” said court member, Reece Braswell.

Senior Phoebe Dawson has experience choreographing for choirs and musicals so that made her a great fit for the job.

Dawson found struggles in coming up with new material and teaching it to people without much experience. She has adapted by breaking moves down even more and emphasizing that they should have fun.

“This is different because it’s not acting,” Dawson said. “It’s more having fun, and making it modern so it’s ten times more difficult because [this] is music I don’t listen to.”

“I’m not a big dancer,” court member Kaylee Fex said, “but I am having fun with it.”

Dawson started off rehearsals on the first day with an evaluation of how well the court could catch on to dance moves. She also established that there would have to be a lot of hard work involved to meet their demand of being the best.

“We’ll be ready. And even if we’re not,” Braswell said, “we’ll be able to wing it.”

Morgan King
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