Seeing through the smoke: Part two

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Vaping, one of the hottest trends amongst teens, seems harmless enough. Vaping doesn’t put any dangerous substances into your body like cigarettes do and won’t be harmful in the long run; or so people thought. Recent studies have proven that vaping has some pretty serious health effects.

  Common Side Effects

Vaping Daily reports that the common side effects of vaping of vaping are dry mouth, dizziness, cough, dry skin, and itchiness. Along with these, nosebleeds are a common occurrence when a person quits vaping.


     Allergic Reactions

There’s also been a number of people who have reported having an allergic reaction to what makes vaping a hit: the flavoring. The flavoring can contain things like peanuts which many people have a serious allergy to.


    Gene Suppression

According to a study done by the University of North Carolina, vaping cause the suppression of immune genes. What this means is that it makes it harder for the body to recognize serious illnesses and harder for the body to recover when you’re sick.

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