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Taken by Tom Reynolds on 08/31/17

Each fall the infamous football season comes and goes. With crazy new themes, cold nights, and fun with friends, I think most of us can agree that football season is a highlight of going back to school. Although each Friday night has a set theme the students still find ways to stand out amongst the crowd. Between Northview’s student section and ones I’ve seen via instagram, I have noticed some trends with how people dress for the games.


embDIY- everything must be DIY-ed:

This is the type of person that would rather make their football game attire than buy it. Let’s say the theme is a red out, the embDIY would more likely come in a white shirt that they creatively painted red than one of the many red Northview shirts in their closet. I both admire and lack the skills this takes and I want to take a moment to appreciate all the creative things people have come up with for the games:  great job guys.


College girl:

The college girl is the person who wears just a little too, well, little. It may be a shirt cut too many times and in too many places, or maybe they just forgot to put on pants and came to the game in an over sized shirt. Nevertheless, these girls -and guys participate in this too – are not wearing enough clothes. Fortunately, I just read that pants are in fact still in style, so feel free to put those on before you walk out the door next time! We are representing Northview at every game so make sure you are dressed appropriately.


Fancy Football:

No matter what the theme is this person has an article of actual clothing to wear. What I mean by this is that they wear a nice shirt that matches the theme, I have even seen people wear skirts that match the theme as well. The fancy football people make me question my outfit choices because they manage to look cute and have spirit. I give you all mad props.


Everything but the kitchen sink:

These people I admire for both their confidence and abundance of clothes that match the themes each week. Basically, if the item of clothing fits the theme at all, this person is wearing it. Their outfit is crazy and ridiculous but it goes with the theme, therefore it is accepted. While this person may look absolutely insane, they have the most spirit. Usually this person is the one yelling crazy things and making everyone laugh. Take it from someone who has seen Northview football at its best and worse, the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink people are always needed to lighten the mood.


We cannot control what happens on the field, but we can control what happens in the bleachers. Our presence is needed in the stands, so no matter what category you fall under, I am glad you have come to the games. Just keep in mind that we represent Northview so dress appropriately and show some Wildcat spirit.


Chloe Warmuskerken
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Chloe Warmuskerken is a senior at Northview High School. In her free time she enjoys being a part of numerous clubs, playing soccer, singing in Varsity Voices, and of course writing. After graduation she plans to pursue a career in nursing, however, she is undecided as to what college she will attend.


  1. The “college girl” paragraph is obviously just targeting female northview student. If wearing a oversized shirt and shorts is too revealing or inappropriate, then what is? I’m sad to say it, but I’m Extremely disappointed.

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