Holiday Hassles

As the holiday season comes upon us many traditions take place. The holiday season is full of rituals and customs that make us feel more holiday-y.

However, some of these traditions make no sense and are not enjoyable at all, the only reason we do them is because… we do it every year. Can the holidays even happen if we don’t: go through the holiday light show, wait in lines, and pack every weekend full with parties? Of course not! These are the Holiday Hassles…

The number one thing I do during the holiday season that I absolutely hate is go through the 5/3rd Ballpark’s “Christmas Lite Show”. To start off, it is way too expensive, each car costs $20!!! To save you all the money I can tell you exactly what you will see while driving through the lights: tail lights. Each year when we drive through the show I get a headache because I am staring at the red tail lights of the car in front of us. You can’t even see the show because when you look away from the tail lights the red color is stuck in your eyes, just like when you take a flash picture.

Save your $20 and take a drive on the highway during rush hour, you will most definitely get the same show, for free. With all that being said, I just made plans to go through the light show and part of me is a little excited, because after all it is a tradition and my holiday season wouldn’t be the same without it.

Number two on my holiday hassle list doesn’t actually happen to me, but I see it happen all too often; waiting in line to see santa. Here’s the thing, your kid is scared of that man. We tell children he is watching you and his judgment will make or break your Christmas, so yeah, he is a little intimidating. Also, why would kids feel comfortable sitting on a stranger’s lap?

As a result, most of the pictures I see on facebook are kids crying while sitting on santa’s lap. This whole act is seemingly pointless, yet, each year the mall is packed with parents waiting in line with their screaming children, because it’s the holiday season. Can Christmas even happen if we don’t see their child with santa?

Finally, making number three on my list: holiday parties. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good get-together, but to have one every weekend can just be exhausting. At first I see people get all excited to be there but by the new year we have eaten too much and socialized far beyond what is comfortable. The strangest part about this whole thing is that I feel the need to be invited to parties that I don’t actually want to go just so I don’t feel left out. It is ridiculous, but even if I would rather be at home, I still go to that party so I can say I did. The parties are what make the holiday season, so, I suck it up, get off my couch, and go to each party with a smile.

In the end I know that the holidays only come once a year and I will miss the beautiful lights, the cute pictures, and my crazy schedule. This truly is the most wonderful time of the year, but that’s not to say that it is all ‘seashells and balloons’. Everyone’s holiday season is different, making our “holiday hassles” different as well, please tweet us @thenvroar or leave a comment below to let us know what your Holiday Hassles are! Happy holidays!


Chloe Warmuskerken
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Chloe Warmuskerken is a senior at Northview High School. In her free time she enjoys being a part of numerous clubs, playing soccer, singing in Varsity Voices, and of course writing. After graduation she plans to pursue a career in nursing, however, she is undecided as to what college she will attend.