Seeing through the smoke: the truth about vaping

Teenagers are known for their trends and phases, often based around fashion or appearance. They are typically harmless and hardly ever controversial.

However, the recent sweeping obsession among teenagers is a trend called ‘vaping’- inhaling vapor from E-Cigarettes. To provide insight on the details, a senior student* shed some light on the common questions people have.

“It’s just like when a new kid-toy is released and every kid wants to have one, there is a huge hype surrounding it. The novelty of vaping has become similar to that- it is simply a ‘cool’ thing to have and to show off,” said one teen, explaining his reasons for vaping.

If the ‘cool’ factor isn’t the driving force, there are other reasons why people indulge in the activity.

Often, reasons are more personal. “Let’s call it a nervous habit for me,” he said. “I used to smoke cigarettes but I wanted a healthier alternative to fill the habit. Plus, it tastes good, it’s ‘cool’, and #clouds,” he commented, tongue in cheek, poking fun at some stereotypical phrases.

The controversy comes into play with both the health and legal aspects. In Michigan, the age requirement to purchase vapes is 18 and research still is overall inconclusive due to the long-term studies required for accuracy.

Another perspective comes from a female junior who doesn’t vape herself, but speculates on the behaviors. “I feel like vaping isn’t actually that bad… but it’s better to have kids doing that instead of smoking,” she reasons, weighing the factors. “Some do it to be cool and some do it because it is just something to do,” she said.

Regardless of why teenagers are indulging in it, vaping is not permitted on school campus, regardless of age. This includes the parking lots and yes, inside of cars on the property as well.


*Anonymous sources were used because at the time of publication no sources were willing to go on the record.


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