Cody Tierney: Family over fame

“Never! I never thought I would break a record like I did. I was always the little guy. My sophomore year I got in the weight room and was finally able to get a spark going,” junior Cody Tierney said.

Cody Tierney making a catch for one of his first touchdowns of the season.

Tierney scored 19 touchdowns this season creating a new season record. He was also named an All-Conference player in the OK-White division for the second year in a row.

Tierney has one thing on his mind: “Win games. I’m never focused on individuality, the constant thing on my mind, is how I can make my teammates better as players,” Tierney said.

To any average fan, Tierney makes his accolades seem easy. Even though he is the big man on campus, everything hasn’t always come easy for the superstar. He was nervous because he was the smallest one on the field growing up. But hard work made him the athlete he is today.

“I am blessed with my God-given ability, but I put in more work to make me better for myself and my teammates. Basketball and track will help me for the next football season,” Tierney said.

Even though Tierney is the center of attention, he plays for one specific reason. Not for the extra follower on Instagram or for the individual fame, he plays for the sole purpose of making his family proud.

Rain, shine, home or away, you can find Tierney’s mom and grandparents in the stands cheering with all their might. They don’t care if he scores a touchdown; they simply want him to do his best.

“So everything I do, I do for [my mom] and her name. Just to make her proud,” Tierney said.

Chance Owens
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This is junior Chance Owens first year being a part of The Roar staff. He also participates in varsity football. In his freetime, Chance enjoys hanging out out with friends, playing video games, and watching football with his family.

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