Nicole Beckmann: An athlete to the core

From the turf, to the court, to the track, junior Nicole Beckmann does it all. In exchange, she never gets an off season.

Beckmann warming up for a game last year.

Beckmann plays lacrosse, runs cross country and track. She enjoys all of her sports but lacrosse is her favorite. Last year she was involved in lacrosse and track at the same time despite the conflicting schedules.

Throughout high school she has been able to participate in a variety of sports through time management, extensive planning and the help of her coaches.

“Both of my coaches were flexible, if I had to leave to go to track practice I would just tell my coach and they’re fine with me leaving and then the same for track,” Beckmann said.

Through all of her hard work and dedication, Beckmann has been able to rack up seven varsity letters, more than her peers and more than most athletes earn by their senior year. She doesn’t yet have the most varsity letters in the school but is on track to get there.

Despite all of her accomplishments, Beckmann continues to stay humble and motivated thanks to her father.

“My dad tries to motivate me to push myself,” Beckmann said.

Athletics proves to be rewarding for Beckmann as her leadership skills and time management skills are put to the test. Athletics have also assisted her with her personal goals and motivations of staying strong and healthy.

“When I’m out playing sports I focus on that sport and I get a break from schoolwork,” Beckmann said.

Kaytlyn Gannon
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