2016 – Hectic Hallways

Every day is started the same way here at Northview: “Okay guys go to class! Let’s get going! Don’t be late!” It’s all too familiar, with Mr. Felix yelling tiredly to get the students motivated to get to first hour. Slowly, but surely, the mass of students moves in all directions to start their day. The part that is often skipped over is what actually takes place in the hallway while they are making the journey to class… those things that happen between all six of the hours, yet no one talks about: the way Northview students act in the hallway.

Type of student number 1: The New Yorker
This is the person that speed walks through the halls. Their best friend could walk past them waving and smiling and they would not even notice. Their eyes are set straight forward and they are walking on a mission. This person has no patience for a slow walker or someone who has dropped their papers, they are on their way to class, duh.

Type of student number 2: The Romeo and Juliet
This iconic duo has become the symbol for two lovebirds, even if it’s in the middle of the hallway. Some students act as though they are alone, although this is not true as a stampede of kids steps aside to give these two space. These two lovebirds are the ones who just can’t quite seem to be parted for the long hour of learning ahead. Breaks my heart, really.

Type of student number 3: The Clumper
The Clumpers are the friends who run and jump to hug each other even after just a night apart. They can’t seem to find a good spot to talk so they all gather laughing and talking in the most inconvenient spots of the school, such as any part of the science and history hall, outside the bathrooms, the middle of the cafeteria, and most inconveniently the bottom of the main stairs.

Type of student number 4: The Snail
Mr. Snail here could have become distracted with something, whether it be his phone, his DS, or a book; Mr. Snail is walking slow. The worst part is when the Snail won’t let you pass them. You step to one side, then the other, but there is no way around him. Dear Mr. Slowpoke, pick your head and your pace up.

Type of student number 5: The Brit
The British, as most people know, drive on the left side of the road. Well, hi to all you from England, welcome Northview High School in America, where we both drive and walk on the right side. Join us in keeping the traffic moving, walk on the right side – the right side.

All joking aside, pay attention to what type of person you are in the hallway; keep the traffic moving, and “GET TO CLASS”.