2016 – The Very Beginning

Northview basketball began its season with a nail-biting home game against West Catholic. Inside the first 16 minutes of play the Wildcats maintained a thin lead while both teams struggled to put points on the board. The first half ended with a score of 21-19. As the second half progressed the razor thin point margins got razor thinner. In the fourth quarter West Catholic went on a brief hot streak shifting the momentum and the score in their favor. However, thanks in part to a demonstrative three point shot by senior Andrew Christian, as well as the ankle shattering ball handling skills of junior Zachary Mulheisen, the score with one minute left in the game was 40-42. In the final nerve-wracking moments, amidst the roar of the student section, that score became 42-42 and then 42-43 with only seconds on the board and Northview in possession of the ball. As time ticked down, the Wildcats struggled to get the ball inbounds and in the net. When the final buzzer blared out the score remained 42-43.

The Wildcats, after maintaining control of the ball and the court for the majority of the game, lost by only one point.

The team’s starting five include the sophomores Paul and Ryan Castle, junior Zachary Mulhesien and seniors Tommy Lewis and Andrew Christian. While the Castle twins have proven themselves as outstanding athletes on the Varsity football team, this is their first taste of Varsity basketball. Altogether, Northview’s starting five are uncommonly inexperienced. Especially when facing off against a team that has many returning players.

When asked about this inexperience Varsity Coach Kapustka said, “ We must be patient,” as we as spectators and fans are waiting for the “flashes of the talent” (as Coach Kapustka puts it) to develop into a consistent and dominating force. However, he also said that he was, “pleased with the game in terms of our effort,” noting the control that his team exercised in the first portion of play.

Another contributor to the success that was alluded to against West Catholic and will indubitably show its colors in the season to come is senior Tommy Lewis. He was a near constant presence on the court. Ending the game with five personal points while throughout he was a true team player – Tommy remains to be a quiet leader.

Also on the night of December the eighth,the Freshman team won their home game with a monstrous final score of 71-21. The Junior Varsity team also won with a solid score of 51-35. Both teams played extremely hard in their own competitions and served to develop a riptide of momentum for the Varsity team.

Altogether Northview basketball has proven itself in their first games to be extremely competitive and interesting to watch in the season to come.