New to Northview: Meet Khadija Benjamin

“Being black and being a woman and being educated yet sitting in a stereotype of being a single black woman with children.  I’m overcoming that everyday,” said Khadija Benjamin, new staff member for student discipline.

From walking the halls, to monitoring situations, or visiting classrooms for casual conversation, Benjamin is active and alert.

As a mother of four, staying on top of any issue or situation is something too familiar and natural.

“I have four children, all of whom have attended Northview,” Benjamin said.

Switching her kids from a charter school to one that’s public may have taken some getting used to, yet her thoughts on Northview are both positive and progressive.

“I love the community in itself. The people? Some of them can use some work, as well as I can probably use some work, but as a whole, I love it,” Benjamin said.

By being selfless and aware of her own flaws, she’s already above the majority. She understands the world in which society has identified her, yet she never settles.

“There’s a stereotype about [single black women] that I do not fit underneath,” Benjamin said.  

With two associate’s, one bachelor’s, a master’s, a certificate and a trade school degree, Benjamin defies the norms and social stigmas.

“Everyone’s morals are different, but everyone has them, and they prioritize them differently,” Benjamin said.

With a vision for growth in her community and household, Benjamin is here to set an example. But being a mother comes first, her children are top priority.

“Once I impact them, they will become the impact on Northview,” Benjamin said.

Although new to the high school environment as a career, Benjamin is aware that times have changed since she was in high school. These differences are prompting her to become more open minded, learning from those around her.

“You know how you view something, you have your beliefs about it, and you stand on it no matter what? Some things you should do that with, but then there are times when redirecting your thinking and seeing it from how they’re looking at it is best,” Benjamin said.

Germain Code
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