Ripple Effects of W.A.V.E.

Welcoming, accepting, and valuing everyone. The W.A.V.E club strives to welcome students to the high school and provide a safe and inclusive environment for every student.

“I thought it would be really interesting to join the W.A.V.E club because it is all about accepting and diversity,” freshman Lindsey Lange said.

The club as a whole, has set out to not only accept and appreciate all students, but also to teach them about diversity and how life is for people from all different backgrounds. Learning these incredible skills now, will benefit members throughout their high school experience and into their futures.

“We are learning about kindness and accepting everyone,” sophomore and president of the W.A.V.E club, Ja’Kaurie Kirkland, said. “Later in life I can help my kids learn how to accept everyone and it can go on and on and maybe impact the rest of the world.”

While the members work towards creating a positive impact on the whole world, they also perform acts of kindness at the high school and influence the student body.

On Wildcat Kindness Days, the W.A.V.E club comes to school early to greet students on their way through the doors in hopes of making their day. They also make hundreds of sticky notes with positive messages on them and put them on students lockers.

“The W.A.V.E club is trying to change the environment and have everyone come together as Northview students,” Kirkland said.

By showing these small yet impressionable acts of kindness, the W.A.V.E club hopes to spread the positive message and create a trend throughout the school.

To spread the messages and values of the club, students go to freshmen classrooms and give presentations about diversity. These presentations include hands on activities and involve conversations lead by students. 

“We want to continue to expand the topic of diversity at Northview and encourage students to embrace diversity at our high school and understand how doing so helps to enhance the culture in our school,” adviser of the W.A.V.E club, Sarah Gammans said.


Mary Holohan
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