Morgan answers your Mavin questions

This information came from conversations with Sarah Gammans, Mark Thomas and Sai Naik.

Q: What is the purpose of Mavin?

A: Preparing students for life’s next step! Mavin is designed to provide students with key behavioral traits and characteristics that will help the students become successful later in life.

Q: Are the previous two school approved absences revoked?

A: No! For seniors, the previous two school excused absences stay! Now you have the opportunity to earn up to five extra school excused absences, on top of the two guaranteed ones.

Q: Is Mavin a requirement?

A: Nope. There will be a new opportunity for seniors to opt out of the program if given parental approval, or if they’ve signed the age of majority form. The two guaranteed absences remain in effect for students that do not participate in the program. It is still an option for both juniors and seniors to continue the program to earn up to five additional days.

Q: Who is running the program?

A: Sai Naik and Peter Whitehead worked together to figure out why people weren’t getting jobs after graduating college and how to fix it. They teamed up with other big businessmen and innovators to create this non-profit organization, the S2B foundation (School to Business), which is where Mavin comes from. Naik continues to work closely with program design and with the students.

Q: Can students get involved in the pilot process?

A: Yes! A focus group is in the works of being created, which will allow for students to give feedback and voice their opinions directly.

Q: How did Northview become involved with this program?

A: Dr. Scott Korpak knew Naik and his work, so he reached out to him.

Q: How long does it take to earn a star?

A: According to Gammans, approximately two hours. According to students, 20 days of attendance with daily time requirements varying in length.

Q: How long are the videos?

A: Again, according to Gammans, five minutes at the most. According to Mavin, up to 13 minutes.

Q: Is one star equal one approved absence?

A: Yes.

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