Roar Docs #1: Drinking Poison

Here you can find a link to an article done by Mlive:

The article goes more in depth about the situation as a whole and addresses some of the larger concerns revolving around the current water situation in the Rockford/Belmont area.

Northview junior Brandon Klein sat down with David Tay to talk about his house potentially having water contaminated from the nearby Wolverine World Wide factory. The factory had dumped chemical waste into the ground during the 1960s and 70s which lead to several different cancer causing toxins showing up in resident’s well water. Fortunately, Brandon’s house was just declared unaffected by the chemicals showing up in the surrounding area. Brandon stresses the need to work together in order to stay informed and hold the company responsible, accountable for their actions. “Just that you don’t personally know somebody affected, doesn’t mean doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t address this as, like a community.”

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