MavinAdLearn: (mis)Communication is key

Photo taken by Nick Ensing.

Mavin AdLearn was introduced to the senior class early this school year as a pilot website that provides an opportunity to better students employability skills. They asked that if we participate, we give feedback to help improve their website. Months later, we were blindsided by new information that seemed to hold a lot of power over us and our education.

Mavin is all about improving and enhancing student’s skills that aren’t directly taught in core classes, such as communication, time management and relationships. However, the frustrations we have with Mavin stem from the lack of communication and poor timeliness.

Confusion broke out among seniors after the second meeting on November 10, and instead of anyone addressing our concerns on a widespread scale, we were left to try and figure it out on our own.

This lack of communication led to receiving information from many different (and presumably reliable) sources: teachers, guidance counselors, our principal, and the creators of Mavin themselves. This should mean progress and clarity, right? Wrong. Instead, we got contradicting information on many of our main concerns.

For example, we were guaranteed that completing Mavin would take no longer than 10 minutes a day – but some videos alone are 13 minutes long! We have also been assured by our principle that our two school approved absences remain untouched- yet one of our guidance counselors say they have been revoked completely and must be earned. See why this is confusing? Communication is a skill on Mavin for students to learn, yet we are not receiving consistent information.

The class of 2018 is filled with hardworking, creative, and adaptable individuals who pride ourselves in accepting change. The issue isn’t trying out a new and potentially beneficial pilot, it’s the utter miscommunication that hasn’t even been addressed with those who it affects. Communication is key.

Maddie Miller
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