‘Tis the Season to be Sad

Photo taken by Nick Ensing.

It is that time of the year again- nose numbing coldness, hot cocoa, UGGs, and, oh yeah, seasonal depression. Who could forget the fact that despite the holiday joy, many of us undergo a significant shift in mood due to seasonal affective disorder (which appropriately anagrams into the word SAD).

There are countless ways to alleviate minor cases of stress or the occasional crappy mood, but sometimes, especially during the winter months, feelings of anxiety and depression may intensify to a point where those self help coloring books everyone seems to own just aren’t doing the trick anymore. If one is feeling significantly down in the dumps this time of year, therapy is a viable option.

Local services provide resources, many without cost.

“You don’t need to have something big happen to you for you to want counseling. You might just need somebody to talk to,” one junior said. After struggling with compulsive thoughts and ultimately having an emotional breakdown, she sought counseling as a way to confront her anxiety.

Having seen three different counselors at different points in time, the most important thing to keep in mind when approaching therapy, according to this student, is “find somebody that you click with. The first five sessions, you’re not going to be comfortable, at least give it month or two. I know counseling isn’t always cheap, but you can’t just give up.”

Maybe therapy doesn’t fit in the budget, or maybe there’s no way to get to and from a counseling session; whatever the reason may be, formal therapy just may not suit every student. Luckily, there are many other resources to turn to when a student is in need of someone to talk to, including peer listeners, and the staff in the guidance department.

The junior, who found success in therapy, may have said it best of all: “There’s nothing wrong with you; sometimes you just need somebody to help you figure out your own thoughts.”

Claire Rose
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